Terence is by far the most knowledgable yoga teacher I have ever encountered

Terence is by far the most knowledgable yoga teacher I have ever encountered. In fact, I have heard other yoga teachers (good ones!) talk about Terence in reverential tones. I started going to his classes after suffering a back injury, and he was critical in helping me rebuild my strength and increase my flexibility. I also went to him for rolfing and felt transformed by the experience.

If you are looking for careful, precise, master-taught yoga, or rolfing done by someone with a deep knowledge of the body, Terence is your guy!

Michael S.

Terence has an extraordinary ability to see your body and teach to it

Terence has an extraordinary ability to see your body and teach to it. His gentle firm reminders about how to hold yourself have advanced my practice. Only after being taught by Terence did I become aware of how I might hurt myself in other classes. Most yoga classes say they teach to everyone but treat everyone without understanding how people’s body differ, and how to encourage asking for advice. Terence does teach for everyone through a transformational traditional Iyengar practice. With everyday grace and years of practiced wisdom, he is truely a great teacher.

Amy A

Terence is the only instructor I trust

Terence is the only instructor I trust to make adjustments that take my specific body into account. His knowledge of anatomy and how the body functions as a holistic system is unparalleled. I highly recommend both his classes and his rolfing.

Orlie Y.

Terence has extensive knowledge of human anatomy

Terence has extensive knowledge of human anatomy and is highly skilled in all applications of it, including Rolfing and teaching yoga. He’s a gifted healer. If you need some help understanding your body, why it’s doing this or that…or you need to be put back together after an imbalance or injury, he is your guy. He’s also kind and welcoming to all.

Brittanie D.

If Terence is in your area, you must take advantage of it

Terence is my unparalleled first: my first rolfing experience and my first yoga experience. First came rolfing – where had it been all my life?!!! To be able to breathe wider, to walk taller, to feel more grounded, to recognize the feedback the body sends with various movements – everyone needs this. Terence is extremely diligent, knowledgeable, and committed to his trade.

After being blown away by how I felt after my 10-session rolfing “treatment”, I began to take beginner Yoga with Terence. No instructor is like him: his attention to every individual in the room, attention to everyone’s every kink, positive energy that he exudes, the pace that is just right, the intelligent delivery of the what and how and why – these qualities make him a rare kind in this crowded industry that seems much too superficial.

If Terence is in your area, you must take advantage of it.

Yana G.

He is a phenomenal teacher

I was a student of Terence for a few weeks while I was visiting DC. He is a phenomenal teacher. He really is interested in all of his students and makes it a point to takes time to adjust and help us internalize how to best implement our positions. I learned so much from him in the little time I studied with him…but he has been very impactful on my practice. I hope to cross paths again with him one day. Thank you Terence and Best of luck! ?? ?? ??

Jaqueline B.

Terence is the most wonderful Yoga instructor

Terence is the most wonderful Yoga instructor. He is firm yet gentle. His explanations of the mechanics and the purposes of the asanas are wonderfully accessible, and he never makes you feel badly when he corrects you. He makes you work, but you want to.

Phyllis R.

Terence is an amazing rolfer and teacher

Terence is an amazing rolfer and teacher. He’s thoughtful, patient, and gives you personalized attention in class, his Iyengar retreats are amazing, and he makes you feel safe and comfortable during a rolfing session. A couple years ago, I had lower back pain, and Terence’s adjustments made a huge difference immediately. I would travel 300 miles to go see him because he’s one of the only people I trust!

Jenny K.

Terence just has a gift

Terence just has a gift for understanding bodies and how to get them into alignment. He is generous with his attention and every class is a learning experience.

Dr. Meri K.

Best teacher

Best teacher I have ever had in over 15 years of yoga.

Jackie O.

Easy to work with

I had a 10 series with Terence and he was both knowledgeable and easy to work with on setting up appointments. He shares his understanding of Rolfing and Structural Integration with patience and humor. Definitely worth the time and expense!

Mike C.

Best yoga teacher in DC!

Terence is the best yoga teacher in DC. Knowledgeable, supportive, challenging, inspiring. His massage (rolfing) is healing beyond imagination. Terence knows the human body and soul and knows how to help!

Florencia R.

I felt 20 years younger

My Rolfing experiences with Terence have been amazing. I felt 20 years younger after the first session and decided to do a full 10 series… Now I’m halfway through my second 10 series and feeling less restricted physically and more open after each session.

Marlin G.

Much better than a massage

This is so much better than a massage. It “unlocks” your body. Prompt and clear in communication. Terence takes his time and he listens to feedback and adjusts accordingly. The intensity or Rolfing results in greater sense relaxation.

Jim H.

Healing hands!

I’ve never come across anyone who made me feel so comfortable from the get go. I will say that I am amazed at how I felt after the session. I actually felt taller. I came to Terence with a specific goal and thus far it has been surpassed. I highly recommend Terence and his healing hands!!!

John S.

Off my pain medicine

Terence was very helpful in trying to fix my back pain. He is very knowledgeable about this technique and how best to service clients. I have been taking pain medicine and muscle relaxers once a day (sometimes twice) for years. Haven‘t taken anything since my session. Thanks Terry!

Therese C.

Extremely knowledgeable

Terence is extremely knowledgeable about the body and what techniques to use to achieve the desired effect. He went beyond my expectations in treating the issues I was experiencing.

Michael D.