Testimonial Category: Rolfing™

Extremely knowledgeable

Terence is extremely knowledgeable about the body and what techniques to use to achieve the desired effect. He went beyond my expectations in treating the issues I was experiencing.

Off my pain medicine

Terence was very helpful in trying to fix my back pain. He is very knowledgeable about this technique and how best to service clients. I have been taking pain medicine and muscle relaxers once a day (sometimes twice) for years. Haven‘t taken anything since my session. Thanks Terry!

Healing hands!

I’ve never come across anyone who made me feel so comfortable from the get go. I will say that I am amazed at how I felt after the session. I actually felt taller. I came to Terence with a specific goal and thus far it has been surpassed. I highly recommend Terence and his healing… Read more »

Much better than a massage

This is so much better than a massage. It “unlocks” your body. Prompt and clear in communication. Terence takes his time and he listens to feedback and adjusts accordingly. The intensity or Rolfing results in greater sense relaxation.

I felt 20 years younger

My Rolfing experiences with Terence have been amazing. I felt 20 years younger after the first session and decided to do a full 10 series… Now I’m halfway through my second 10 series and feeling less restricted physically and more open after each session.

Best yoga teacher in DC!

Terence is the best yoga teacher in DC. Knowledgeable, supportive, challenging, inspiring. His massage (rolfing) is healing beyond imagination. Terence knows the human body and soul and knows how to help!

Easy to work with

I had a 10 series with Terence and he was both knowledgeable and easy to work with on setting up appointments. He shares his understanding of Rolfing and Structural Integration with patience and humor. Definitely worth the time and expense!

Best teacher

Best teacher I have ever had in over 15 years of yoga.

Terence just has a gift

Terence just has a gift for understanding bodies and how to get them into alignment. He is generous with his attention and every class is a learning experience.

Terence is an amazing rolfer and teacher

Terence is an amazing rolfer and teacher. He’s thoughtful, patient, and gives you personalized attention in class, his Iyengar retreats are amazing, and he makes you feel safe and comfortable during a rolfing session. A couple years ago, I had lower back pain, and Terence’s adjustments made a huge difference immediately. I would travel 300… Read more »